Do Geese Make Good Pets?
Do Geese Make Good Pets?

Geese are adorable, large, quirky birds that can be a great addition to your flock. However, they are large and can be temperamental, so there are advantages and disadvantages to having them. Read on to find out four reasons geese make great pets, and four reasons keeping them may not be for you.

1. They can act as guardian animals

Geese can help keep your property safe. They are naturally territorial and very noisy; besides, many people are afraid of geese. They also have much keener hearing and eyesight than humans, and are not easily bribed into silence.

If you are looking for additional security, geese can be quite formidable guard creatures. They know their home, they like their homes, and they don’t like predators or trespassers! If something out of the ordinary happens, at the very least they will let you know with a honk.

2. They lay huge eggs

Geese lay eggs and they are huge. Their eggs taste very similar to duck eggs, which are richer than chicken eggs. They can be used for cooking and baking in the same way as duck and chicken eggs, you will just need to adjust them to be large in size. A goose egg is about the size of three chicken eggs or two duck eggs.

Goose eggs are seasonal. They require 10 hours of daylight to produce an egg, so they only lay in spring and summer. They usually only lay 30-50 eggs a year, so eggs are definitely a treat!

Do Geese Make Good Pets?

3. Geese are hardy and live a long time.

Geese don’t have many health problems and can live a long time. It seems that the average lifespan of a goose is about 10 to 20 years, but there are tons of reports of geese living longer than that. According to Guinness World Records, the longest recorded lifespan for a goose was 49 years.

“On December 16, 1976, a goose named George, owned by Florence Hull of Thornton, Lancs, UK, died at the age of 49 years and 8 months. George was born in April 1927.”

Geese are very hardy and adapt well to cold climates. All they need is a shelter at night to keep them warm and safe, there is no need for additional heating. They are less susceptible to disease and parasites than ducks and chickens, and adapt well to cool, wet weather.

Do Geese Make Good Pets?

4. They can be loving and loyal pets.

Some geese bond very strongly with their humans. If your geese have joined humans, they have been known to follow their people and even hug them with their necks. They are goofy and nosy by nature, so they will want to be a part of what is going on.

This is especially true if you incubate them yourself and then breed them. Nestlings can even imprint on humans if a person is the first thing they see after hatching. This creates an extremely strong bond because they will assume that you are their mother. The goose will be able to tell the person it is bonded with from other humans, and it will want to be with their person all the time!


All of these wonderful traits may make you want to run out and buy a goose, but as with any pet, there are pros and cons. Here are some of the reasons why geese may not be the pet for you.

1. They are messy

If you’ve ever had a duck as a pet, you know how messy poultry can be. Geese make similar messes to ducks, but they’re much bigger! They love to splash around in the water, so it’s best that they have a place to splash away from the main running area. If this isn’t an option, your living room could be a muddy mess!

Geese can live on grass, sand, and water, so they will definitely eat your garden plants. This is great if you want them to deal with weeds, but not so great if you’re trying to grow a garden. They will eat all the plants they can reach with their beaks.

Do Geese Make Good Pets?

2. Some can be aggressive

It’s no secret that sometimes geese can be mean. They can be aggressive and territorial and can sometimes hurt people. Ganders especially can be aggressive during the mating season. A goose attacking a person is much more serious than a rooster or drake, and you must be prepared to stand your ground. This article has great advice on how to deal with an aggressive goose.

They’re not all bad, but they’re not a great choice for beginners!

3. They are big

They are larger than most backyard poultry, and this comes with several challenges. You will need a bigger place to keep them, more room for them to roam, they are harder to handle and will eat a lot more food. .

Some geese can weigh up to 14 pounds, and can have a wingspan of up to 4-6 feet. Having 6-8 feet of space per bird is recommended and having water for them to play in will definitely make them happier. These are large birds, so it is important to feel comfortable handling and caring for them.

Do Geese Make Good Pets?

4. They are loud!

Geese are very noisy. This is part of what makes them great watchdog animals, but depending on where you live, this may not be a good thing. If you have neighbors who live very close, they may not appreciate your goose’s loud honking in the morning (or throughout the day when alerted to everything).

If you live in the country and don’t mind loud noise, this is not a big deal! It’s just something to keep in mind.

Do Geese Make Good Pets?

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