Your Guide to Your First Pet Albino Budgie
Albino budgies have the Ino gene, which removes melanin and makes them white.
Albino budgies have the Ino gene, which removes melanin and makes them white.

Albino parakeets: a type of white parakeet

The word “albino” evokes the image of a white animal with reddish eyes. This is quite correct. With budgies, albinism manifests itself as one would expect from this condition. The entire plumage of the bird is white; they also have pink legs and a pink cere (nasal band containing the nostrils), and their eyes appear markedly red. This variety is caused by the Ino gene, which eliminates melanin, the substance responsible for dark colors.

Interestingly, albinos are not the only parakeets affected by the Ino gene. A second group is known as the lutino. A lutino is a variety of Ino-masked green series. Inherently, it should have been a green bird; however, thanks to the gene, the bird has a rich buttercup-yellow body color. Like the albino, the feet and cere are pink, and the bird has striking red eyes.

Are they difficult to care for?

The good news is that caring for an albino parakeet is no different from any other. They do not have the skin or vision problems associated with the condition in other species, including humans. Some of these birds are even of regular size and have perfect plumage.

A beautiful example of a lutino parakeet.
A beautiful example of a lutino parakeet.

care tips

Good care can be as simple as the right environment, feeding and stimulation.


  • Always make sure that the parakeets are not in a place where there are drafts, high humidity, extreme temperatures or a lot of noise.
  • Do not cover the bottom of the cage with newspaper. Parakeets are curious and love to break things. Unfortunately, wet pieces of paper are a lethal choking hazard.
  • Keep the cage out of direct sunlight and away from places where predators such as cats and shrikes can reach the parakeets.

Food and water

  • Provide supplements. The options here are nearly limitless and can be purchased as raw items (cuttlefish bone) or as toy bites that double as sources of iodine and minerals.
  • Do not put a budgie on a diet that only contains seeds. This shortens the life of your pet in terms of years. They also need fresh greens, fruits and vegetables. Always research a new food before giving it to your pet; Not all plant matter is safe for budgies.
  • Consider using only bottled water. Tap water is treated with chemicals that can have deleterious effects on a budgie’s long-term health.


  • Do your best not to cause stress or fear; for example, use slow movements during cage cleaning and physical handling.

The best environment for a parakeet

Parakeets are adaptable, but they need space and friendship. Small cages tend to produce depressed pets that lead shorter lives. A cage should also have safe toys to stimulate the budgie’s physical fitness and mental acuity. This parakeet is exceptionally intelligent and needs fun challenges like puzzles, as well as a social life with its owner and other parakeets. Ideally, a budgie should not be kept alone. They are programmed to be very social.

There is no reason why an albino parakeet cannot enjoy human interaction.  The best way to tame a parakeet is with gentleness and slow movements.
There is no reason why an albino parakeet cannot enjoy human interaction. The best way to tame a parakeet is with gentleness and slow movements.

How women and men differ

As a point of interest, albinism shows up differently in the two genders. A bird can only carry a single or double copy of the gene. All women, whether they have one or two copies of the gene, will visibly display the condition. Males, on the other hand, must have two copies to appear albino. If you only have one, your albinism is hidden under another color. This makes the rooster a “split” or an individual that hides a color.

Budgerigars without the Ino gene show normal gender differences. Roosters have deep blue ceres and feet. Chickens can display a variety of shades on the spectrum from white, pink, fawn, and brown. Their legs are usually pink or something similar.

How do you distinguish them?

The problem with albinos is that both sexes show feminine colors. Albino males cannot develop the distinctive blue of the male budgie. If you need to identify the gender of your albino and neither are testing, you would need the help of an expert such as a vet or genetic testing.

Problems with albino parakeets

There is no doubt about the fact that parakeet lovers adore the albino variety. The white porcelain body, the intriguing depths of those gem-red eyes—add glances to the endearing personality of all budgies, and you’ve got a hit on your hands. Unfortunately, this kind of popularity and genes don’t mix. It’s easy to breed albinos: just put two together (if you can separate the males and females, that is). They will produce a complete clutch of white chicks with pink eyes.

The problem is that albinos tend to be smaller and sometimes have feather problems. Continuing to breed albinos together in a single-family line, without the odd-colored pair, may produce the popular bird, but it compromises the integrity of this variety.

questions and answers

Ask: Where can I find an albino parakeet?

Reply: There are several ways to get an albino parakeet. If your local pet store sells birds, then you may want to take a look there. Also, talk to the store owner. Pet store owners source their birds from breeders or breed their own. He or she should be able to tell you if one of their contacts raises albino parakeets. You can also check out budgie clubs and ads placed by people selling budgies. Additionally, you can also place an ad online, with a magazine or newspaper, and ask anyone who owns an albino parakeet to contact you. It goes without saying that when dealing with strangers, stay safe and meet in a public place.

Ask: How can you tell if your albino parakeet is female?

Reply: There are only two ways. One, if it lays eggs. Second, if a vet performs a genetic test that identifies the sex chromosomes.

Ask: Are Nutraberries okay for my parakeet?

Reply: It seems the jury is still out on this. There are fans and critics of feeding Nutraberries to any feathered pet. It is best to do research on reputable sites, talk to other owners, and if you decide to give it to your budgie, give it as a gift. Also, keep the amount to a minimum. Budgies thrive on high quality budgie seed and fresh produce.

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